Hillside Park Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Reid, Jacqulyn Principal jacqulyn.reid@hrce.ca Twitter
Ripley-Davis, Emily Vice Principal emily.ripley@hrce.ca
Sheldon, Carol Administrative Assistant Main Office csheldon@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Ball, Katie Grade 4/5 katie.ball@hrce.ca
Brann, Cheryl Grade Primary cbrann@hrce.ca
Broadbelt, Kathryn Visual Arts Specialist kbroadbelt@hrce.ca
Cawthra, Katie Grade 3 kcawthra@hrce.ca
Doucette, Brooke Grade 3 (for Ms. Cawthra until Dec) Brooke.Doucette@hrce.ca
Dube, Stephanie Learning Centre sdube@hrce.ca
Fitzpatrick, Janice Pre-Primary janice.fitzpatrick@hrce.ca
Foran-Swinkels, Carole Resource cforan-swinkels@hrce.ca
Hausman, Angela Grade 1/2 ahausman@hrce.ca
Hoyer-Mugford, Nadine Learning Centre & Resource nhoyer-mugford@hrce.ca
Kelloway, Melissa Grade 2 melissa.kelloway@hrce.ca
Kilfoil, Sarah 40% Guidance sarah.kilfoil@hrce.ca Website
Linton, Duane Core French DLinton@hrce.ca Website
MacKenzie, Kellee ELS/Reading Recovery kmackenzie@hrce.ca
McLeod, Allison Pre-Primary Lead Teacher allison.mcleod@hrce.ca
Reed, Jennifer Grade Primary/1 jreed@hrce.ca
Ripley-Davis, Emily Music emily.ripley@hrce.ca
Stanton, Amanda Grade 3/4 amanda.stanton@hrce.ca
Sutton, Terry Physical Education tsutton@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Boudreau, Michelle Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-399-8320 michelle.boudreau@hrce.ca
Bowie-MacDonald, Debbie 100% EPA dbowie-macdonald@hrce.ca
Carey, Maria Caretaker mcarey@hrce.ca
Firth, Karla School Social Worker kfirth@hrce.ca
Fougere, Jennifer Schools Plus Assistant Leader jfougere@hrce.ca
Kenny, Annette 80% EPA annette.kenny@hrce.ca
Levy, Catherine 80% EPA catherine.levy@hrce.ca
Maxwell, Christa 80% EPA christa.maxwell@hrce.ca
Muggah, Donna Excel donna.muggah@hrce.ca
Parker, Beth Speech and Language Pathologist beth.parker@hrce.ca
Safran, Fathima 50% EPA zeeniya.safran@hrce.ca
Somers, Kendra Librarian ksomers@hrce.ca
Stephenson, Danielle School Psychologist dstephenson@hrce.ca
Verunque, Rogelio 80% EPA rogelio.verunque@hrce.ca
Wilson, Melissa 80% EPA Melissa.Wilson@hrce.ca